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Steve Garchow is a dynamic, engaging, and action-oriented speaker. His keynotes and seminars provide practical approaches to leadership and strategy teams for generating successful business strategies.

His unique approach and ideas empower teams to tackle those complex strategic issues that are so difficult to resolve. Steve speaks to diverse audiences around the world within a variety of industries.

Integral to Steve’s presentations is the Lean Strategic Decision Model®. The success of LSDM is based on its ability to: a) drive teams to develop more and more innovative solutions to strategic issues, b) break complex problems into smaller components that are easier for teams to analyze and draw conclusions, c) moderate and encourage positive team dynamics to drive understanding and consensus, and d) present solutions in an easy-to-use format called a “Canvas.”

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Habits of Effective Decision-Makers

Is there a formula for achieving the success of companies like Facebook and Amazon? These CEOs identified and implemented disruptive business models that dramatically improved their company position. Instead of focusing on operational excellence, they focused on strategic outcomes. The key to their success was a superior ability to make effective strategic decisions and capitalize on them.

According to recent surveys, most executives believe their company is doing a poor job of formulating strategy. How is your company doing? Steve will provide his expert insight into several barriers to strategic decision-making and share how new approaches will improve leadership team effectiveness and efficiency in strategy formation. “Habits” introduces the Lean Strategic Decision Model®, a process process based upon Lean Manufacturing principles which means that it eliminates waste by examining strategy activity differently and focuses only on the level of detail required for decisions. Changing the way a corporation makes strategic decisions can provide it with a significant and sustainable competitive advantage.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize that many decision-makers are unimpressed with their company’s strategic decision-making
  • Dissect the barriers that prevent teams from making effective strategic decisions.
  • Systematize an easy-to-implement process for making strategic decisions more effectively and efficiently.
  • Demonstrate how strategic decision-making provides competitive advantage.

The Warrior Strategist

Making strategic decisions is not for the timid. Company strategy should not be just an intellectual exercise. Strategic decision-making requires the heart of a warrior. In fact, parallels can be drawn between strategic decision-making and the battlefield. This presentation takes the audience through 5 warrior principles and compares them to effective strategic decision-making.

  • A warrior needs an all-encompassing objective
  • A warrior needs a committed team
  • A warrior needs a battleplan
  • A warrior needs to take action on the battlefield
  • A warrior needs to overcome obstacles

Join Steve as he explains the principles from famous battle video clips and extrapolates them into approaches that will improve your team’s strategic decision efficiency and effectiveness.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate the interrelationship between a warrior mentality and strategic decision-making
  • Systematize an easy-to-implement process for making strategic decisions more effectively and efficiently.

Half and Full Day LSDM Seminars

A one hour presentation is great for creating awareness and generating enthusiastic commitment, but it takes more time than this to learn the processes that will improve your company’s strategic decision effectiveness. Consider booking a half or full day LSDM seminar. This is an ‘interactive’ seminar where your people are participating, not just sitting there listening. The attendees shape the program by sharing answers, working in teams and helping each other grow and solve current challenges. Your team will learn:

  • How a defined strategic decision approach is effective at promoting strategy
  • The Lean Strategic Decision Model® principles
  • Step by step instruction of LSDM
  • How to overcome personal bias and team dynamic barriers that can hamper strategic decision-making

Once the principles of this effective process have been explained, participants will work their way through a strategic decision case study in small groups. Their findings will be discussed among the entire group.

During full-day seminars we take these principles and begin to address an important strategic issue confronting the company, as identified by leadership. Seminar participants will brainstorm potential solutions, identify decision criteria and initiate development of the criteria rankings. With these tasks completed, the organization can proceed on its own to complete the LSDM process and develop solutions to the strategic issue.

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