Truly transformational results only arise after a winning business strategy is selected

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Great corporate results don’t just happen. How did Amazon and Facebook dominate their markets? They started by picking the right strategy. Sure, they were also wildly successful in executing the strategy, but the seeds were sown when the strategy was formed.

The problem though is, most executives don’t know how to develop the best strategy. Some think that just by assembling leadership to discuss strategy the company can uncover that “golden egg”. Others feel the need to study the market for months or gather mountains of data before developing a winning strategy. There is a better way.

The Lean Strategic Decision model is a simple process designed to help you select the best solution to your company’s strategic issue. I have provided content that will help you develop an expertise in using my proprietary LSDM process to improve your ability to develop and select better business strategies. Just click on the “Resources” tab found on this site’s navigation bar for access to the FREE content. And don’t forget to take the Strategic Decision Assessment Survey found on this page so you can grade your own company’s capability.