The Lean Strategic Decision Model®

Translating Strategic decision-making into sustainable competitive advantage

Steve GarchowSteve Garchow is the author of Stratification: How strategic decision processes will create sustainable competitive advantage. Steve developed a strategic decision process called the Lean Strategic Decision Model®, which he uses to help companies make better strategic decisions.

Most companies lack a strategic decision-making competency. The Lean Strategic Decision Model® (LSDM) is a strategic decision approach for identifying the best solution to complex issues. Since developing the process Steve Garchow has presented the approach in seminars, successfully implemented LSDM for clients and counts many companies as experienced LSDM advocates.

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Front-CoverMany of us are ready to confront the next challenge. And we don’t need hand-holding, just a starting point and a process. If this describes you and you are ready to improve your company’s strategic decision-making capabilities using the Lean Strategic Decision Model®, click on the link below to order your copy of Stratification: How strategic decision processes will create sustainable competitive advantage. This book will teach you everything needed to implement LSDM. Available in Kindle or Print versions

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Two ways to adopt the Lean Strategic Decision Model®

Speaking Programs

Steve Garchow is an engaging speaker and a leading authority on strategic decision-making.

His two signature Keynotes, Habits of Effective Decision-Makers and The Warrior Strategist are perfect for senior leaders, strategy teams and audiences looking to learn more about strategic decision-making.

Steve conducts full- and half-day seminars on the Lean Strategic Decision Model®. In half-day sessions, participants work their way through a case study that provides an immersive experience with LSDM. In full day sessions, he helps organizations initiate the first steps of LSDM to resolve their strategic issues.

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Consulting Programs

Sometimes we all need a little help. Becoming effective and efficient at strategic decision-making may require the guidance of an experienced consultant.

Steve Garchow has implemented the Lean Strategic Decision Model® in many companies.

He instructs, guides and facilitates leadership teams through the entire 9-step LSDM process, attacking your organization’s most pressing strategic issue. The deliverable is a strategic alternative supported by company leadership, and ready for implementation usually within a four month timeframe.

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